Environmental permit applications and notifications

Make sure that e.g. an application for a permit or notification under the Environmental Protection Act, the Water Act or the Land Extraction Act is processed smoothly. Our experts will help you with the preparation of the permit application.

We have solid expertise with environmental permit applications.

We have prepared environmental permit applications in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act for several companies operating in various fields. In addition, we have experience e.g. permit applications in accordance with the Water Act and the Land Extraction Act. Based on our previous experience we know which issues are relevant to applications and how to present them.

Our environmental consultant will support you throughout the permit process

Successful processing of an environmental permit application requires constant communication with the authority throughout the permit procedure. From the very beginning it is reasonable to discuss with the Regional State Administrative Agency or the municipal environmental protection authority about the documents related to the environmental permit application. The authority may request additions to the application during the permit procedure. In addition to possible additions of the application, we will help your company prepare responses to any statements, reminders and opinions.

This is how the processing of an environmental permit application progresses

It is advisable to start the environmental permit application process early enough For example at the Regional State Administrative agency the average target time for processing environmental permits is 12 months and for new activities 10 months.


Preparation and submission of an environmental permit application.

The operator must prepare and submit written environmental permit application to the licensing authority. According to the Environmental Protection Act, the person drafting the application must have sufficient expertise. Depending on the project, the authority is either the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) or the municipal environmental protection authority.


Supplementation of the environmental permit application.

The authority reviews the application for an environmental permit and, if necessary, requests further information and clarification to support their decision.



The authority announces the environmental permit application when the application and its supplements provide sufficient information about the project and its effects and the application meets the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act. The hearing will last for at least 30 days, during which the parties whose rights or interests may be affected may express their views and make remarks. The parties involved can be, for example, residents of the affected area or companies. In addition, the authority will also request for the views of the relevant authorities. The applicant for an environmental permit has the opportunity to comment on the opinions, reminders and statements given.



When making a decision the permit authority takes into account, in addition to the application, the statements made during the announcement period. The permit decision will be announced after it has been issued. During the appeal period (30 days), the permit holder and the parties concerned may appeal the decision, ie appeal against the decision. The decion can be appealed from the Vaasa Administrative Court. A person dissatisfied with a decision of the Vaasa Administrative Court may still appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court if it grants leave to appeal.

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