Site supervision and external quality control

We will help you to ensure that the project goes according to plan

Comprehensive site supervision

Our experts specializing in construction site supervision ensure that the work on the construction site proceeds according to plans – both in terms of the technical construction plan itself, the budget and the schedule. The skills of our site supervisors include, for example:

  • reports related to additions and changes
  • control of money traffic
  • preparation of documents
  • duties of the occupational safety coordinator

What is external quality control?

In some situations, such as the construction of compact structures for waste management projects, the authority requires that the construction of the structures be supervised by an external and independent quality supervisor. A quality supervisor cannot be the same as a site supervisor. The most important task of the external quality supervisor is to ensure that the work progresses according to the plans approved by the authority. In addition, external quality supervisors responsibility is to make measurements and reports in the area.

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