Environmental and emissions measurements and modeling

Get an accurate picture of the environmental impacts of your company's operations

Manage the environmental impacts of your operations


We can help you find out how noise, air or water emissions caused by your operations spread to the environment. We help you plan where and how the emission sources should be placed in the early stages of your operation, so that they have as little harm to the environment as possible. With the help of our expert modelers and efficient modeling programs, you get valuable information to support decision-making instead of guesswork. Based on the information, we help our customers to reduce the number or extent of impacts.

Know how your company’s operations affect to the environment

Would you like to optimize the emissions caused by your company’s operations? Does your company need to find out how the emissions of the new activity affect the environment or whether the environmental permit conditions are met? Do you need help figuring out the noise level caused by your activity? From us you can get all measurement, planning and modeling services related to noise, air and water quality.

Emission measurements

Are you introducing a new device which efficiency and functionality need to be determined? Or Do you need a reliable partner to carry out the measurements required by the environmental permit? Our experienced experts will find out for you what and how much emissions into the air or water are caused by your activities.

Air quality assessment and modeling

How much emissions your company generates and how wide is the area that is affected? With the help of services related to air quality assesment and modeling, you can get answers to these questions. In addition, we give recommendations on various actions you can take to reduce the number or extent of the effects.

Noise surveys and measurements

Noise surveys and measurements help your company plan in the early stages of your operations where and how noisy objects should be placed, so that they cause as little harm to the surrounding environment as possible. We can also help you find out how the noise caused by your activities spreads to the environment and how strong the noise is, for example, in populated areas. Based on the surveys and modeling, we will give your company recommendations for measures that can be used to reduce noise.


Water system modeling

Do you want to reduce environmental emissions to water or plan your project from the beginning, how the operation of your project would affect the water body as little as possible? Our solid expertise in waterways, combined with the GOLDSIM modeling program and comprehensive reports, offers you accurate future scenarios of how your company’s operations affect waterways, for example, in different seasons and operating methods.

Plan your company’s operations in a more enlightened way

Surveys and modeling of noise, air and water quality provide information that helps you to know

  • the effects of your activities on the air, water and soil in the surrounding area
  • the most significant emission and noise sources
  • where noisy objects and the most significant emission sources should be located, so that they cause as little harm as possible to nearby areas and various stakeholders
  • how to compare the effects of different methods of operation on the environment and people in the surrounding area
  • how to ensure that the environmental load is at the required level

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