Suspicion of contaminated soil?

Was damage to the soil revealed on your plot? Are you making a sale from a new plot of land or is the purpose of use of your current plot changing? We will help you to find out if the soil has been contaminated and if necessary remediate it.

Soil remediation plans and supervision

Soil remediation plans drawn up by our experts are always based on thorough surveys and samples taken by our certified samplers. We have experience in many different land area and soil remediation projects. Remediation plans and supervision are handled by us with a routine – from the preparation of all necessary documents to skilled supervision and smooth communication with the authorities. You can trust that with us soil remediation will go smoothly and according to the schedule.

How the soil remediation process proceeds?


Examination of the contaminated soil

At first, our experts make comprehensive examinations of the various reasons, to what extent and what kind of damage may have been caused to the land area or soil. The goal is to get a preliminary understanding of what harmful substances may have been carried into the environment and how wide an area they may have spread.


Sampling and risk assessment

If there is reason to assume that the land area or the soil is contaminated, our certified samplers take soil samples from carefully selected locations. With the help of samples, we find out what harmful substances are in the soil and how much. The samples are sent to accredited laboratories for examination. Surveys and samples are used to assess how big the risk is that the contaminated land or soil is a danger to the environment or people.


Notification of soil contamination to the authorities

If only the area of land is found to be contaminated, it is sufficient for the environmental expert to inform the authorities of what has happened, to what extent and with what measures the situation can be rectified. When the environmental authority gives the green light to the plan, the soil remediation work can begin. However if it is found that the contamination extends to the soil or groundwater a statutory notification must be made with a remediation plan attached.


Soil remediation plan

The remediation plan specifies the means by which the contaminated soil can be cleaned and the goals of the remediation. The environmental authority issues a decision on soil remediation. If the renovation is supposed to cause a danger to the water body or an unreasonable burden on the neighborhood, it is necessary to submit an application for an environmental permit to the Regional State Administrative Agency. Whatever the situation, our experts will help with all notifications to the authorities.


Supervision of the soil remediation

The remediaton of the land area and soil must always be supervised by an independent body familiar with soil remediations. Our experts ensure that the contaminated land or soil is completely removed from the area. They also make sure that the contaminated soil is delivered to the right disposal site and prepare the necessary documents and reports for all activities.

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