Environmental impact assessments and Natura assessments

Comprehensive environmental impact assessments and Natura assessments

We will help your organization to reduce or completely eliminate the harmful environmental impacts of a planned project. We study all possible and essential effects of the project may have on the environment and people. Based on these, we draw up a number of different recommendations and implementation plans that will enable the project to be accomplished sustainably.

In environmental impact assessments

  • We find out the current natural values of the area with the help of nature surveys
  • We study the effects of the project on nature values, birds, flora, habitats, fishery and benthic fauna.
  • We assess how the project will affect on neighborhoods and recreational areas, for example through dust and noise modeling
  • We prepare comprehensive and clear reports that help both the authorities and the project stakeholders to understand the impacts of the project.

It is advisable to start the EIA process and Natura assesments early

Environmental impact assessment process (EIA) usually takes about a year. The EIA is progressing most rapidly when it is started in the fall or winter. In this way field and nature surveys can be scheduled for spring and summer at the same time, and all the necessary information is available for the plans at once. However, if necessary, it is possible to start the EIA project at any time of the year.

Clear and comprehensive reports

One of the most important mission of an environmental impact assessment is to inform the people on whose lives the project may affect. We produce easy-to-understand and comprehensive reports that make it easier to communicate and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders. Finally, we combine the statements of both the authorities and civilians on the final conclusion, which explains how the project should be taken forward.

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